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Smyle is an innovative sustainable oral company. With products that make you and the planet smile


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Zeppelins, smoking in hospitals, the Tamagotchi, David Hasselhoff’s singing career, 24/7 reality TV, self-regulating banks, the gin&tonic die tand mullets all raise the same simple question as plastic toothpaste tubes:

'What the ^&%$ were we thinking?!'

Each year 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in our landfills, and oceans.

We - Almar, Dennis and Roger – are ready to end this madness.

In our previous ventures we found that blending sustainability with entrepreneurship is the key to a sustainable future.

Now we’re combining forces for maximum impact. It’s time to start a toothpaste revolution!

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hannie dankbaarpassage 14, 1053 RT, Amsterdam

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