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The friendly folks who bring you brand communication, digital products & world domination.


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This is the sentence that would normally hit you right between the eyes by stating what’s so brilliant about Higuita. To be honest, we’re not like that. We do promise we more often say “no” than “yes”. But if we say “yes”, we have something coming for you. 

We rather create than talk endlessly about ourselves. And we can keep things short: we’re very honest and very good at brand communication and digital development. 

Higuita was founded in the summer of 2020 by four crackerjacks. All four of them were conceived in the 80’s and together they have a truckload of experience at different digital and creative agencies. Currently, Higuita is at its most pristine and fun moments in time. We’re building a crew of players who are crazy about their skills and bring tons of energy. Do you feel you’re already one of us? Take a shot, call Jorn and surprise us. We’re waiting for you.

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's Gravenhekje 1a, 1011PG, Amsterdam

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