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The Main Ingredient b.v.


We are a startup studio that becomes part of the team of both startups and corporate startups to shape digital projects from the inside out


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Who are we?
We're a startup studio in the centre of Amsterdam. We become part of the team of both startups and corporate startups to shape our projects from the inside out. We take on a temporary co-founder role to achieve a strong position in the market and build an independently functioning team. Once this is achieved we take a step back. Furthermore, we focus on investing in startups and developing our own digital products that we can either launch or apply in future projects.

The work we do varies greatly, because what we choose to develop depends on the type of project we're working on. This can vary between mobile apps, interactive websites, complete SaaS platforms to simple checkout flows, or a combination of all the above! We always work closely alongside our parner(s) by discussing first versions, sharing our vision for the product and company, and by giving honest advice. 

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The office

Oude Waal 37-O, 1011 CD, Amsterdam

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