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asha international


asha international, production, import, export of personal care produts, fem-hygiëne.


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Beppy is a brand and important  branche of Asha International, founded in 1974. The Beppy branche is active since 1995. Operates international. Hase local depots in several EU and South and middle American countries. The NL office has about 15 people. Small, flexible, creative company. Informal, organic company structure. Orientated on product innovation, product development for fem-care, fem-hygiëne, focussed on the monthly period.
Average age within tyhe design team < 30, Master's in Industrial design, economics, animal care.
Internayional operations.
The team is looking for a creative new partner, stylistic talent, to do and to coach a rebranding, redesign of the Beppy brand in all aspects: Off-online, website's, soc. media, pictures, video's, fairs, packings, whatever. Out of the box might be interesting. Redesign should last for at least 4-5 years and being attractive as well as outstanding.

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Seinhuiswachter 1, 3034KH, Rotterdam

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