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Thunderplugs is an international manufacturer of premium hearing protection.


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We are Thunderplugs and we see it as our mission to make the party last. Offering everyone the most accessible way to rebel against hearing loss. Making sure you can enjoy live music events without worrying about that  lasting beep in the morning. Available wherever the party starts, whenever the party starts. We don’t rip you off - Friends don’t rip each other off. We sure see hearing loss as serious business, but we don’t get too serious about it. We’re all party people, after all.

Thunderplugs is an international manufacturer of premium hearing protection. At the lowest price, we deliver quality earplugs all around the world.  Initially developed  by musicians for music lovers, the vast majority of music venues and festivals in the Netherlands choose Thunderplugs as their preferred partner. Thunderplugs are available in 27 countries worldwide in clubs, on festivals, in music stores, online, in pharmacies, schools and on racing tracks. 

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