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Studio Smelt Amsterdam


Plastic Waste recycling towards high-end furniture and interior design


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Recycling plastic waste through craftsmanship and engineering. Durable interior and furniture design based on recycled plastic sheet fabrication. Plastic waste is locked into the shape of sheets with a look similar to terrazzo, marble, and ceramic containing useful mechanical properties.

A big amount of plastic waste roams the world and still, every day more is produced. The consequences of this waste stream have an impact on wildlife and low-income communities. The plastic waste issue is massively exported from wealthy societies to be solved in the 3rd world. Therefore we see it as our obligation to collect this plastic waste and take back the responsibility. Plastic waste is a valuable resource.

Through engineering and fabrication of a heat press, we’ve enabled ourselves to press plastic waste into durable recycled plastic sheets. A controllable creation of pattern compositions and surface structures provides numerous designs, each with its own unique identity. Material identifiability and easy disassembly are essential parts of the design process to making the products suitable for repair and recycling.

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