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Rollor Technology


Rollor Technology is a patented wrinkle-free technology that allows clothing to be packed in a compact, protected and wrinkle free manner.


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Sushi Inspired

“On the way to present my graduate thesis I decided to get something to eat. The sushi look beautiful and logical, while the garment bag that hung next to me seemed unwieldy. This is where the idea developed to roll up suits. All that was needed was trick to guarantee that they would remain wrinkle free: our patented rim.” 

Teun van der Laan Rollor Technology’s Inventor

Protects Your Style

Rollor has since developed into a company that is rolling out its patented Rollor Technology around the world. From distinctive consumer products to exceptional marketing tools, unique fulfilment solutions and even fully integrated picking, packing and shipping processes: Rollor is the partner for everyone for whom packing, shipping and distinction are an issue. The basic technology behind the Rollor is the rolling up of clothing between upright rims. This eliminates sharp angles and any possible outside pressure. Everything between the rims can’t wrinkle, won’t get dirty and cannot be damaged. Rollor is the solution for the transport and shipping of delicate clothing.

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