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Connecting people with spaces and places


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We are a wayfinding design studio based in Amsterdam & New York

Our projects come in many different types and scales. Our clients vary from large airports to small museums, from train stations to parking garages, from campus sites to zoos.

Our goal is to make complex places and processes easily understandable for everyone.
Therefore, we listen, analyze and conceptualize before we start designing.

Core values
We have three core values. They are what make us Mijksenaar.
Users are always right
We are laser-focused on user experience and stand up for people through easily readable environments. We believe that if a user gets lost, it’s not their fault. It’s ours.
By focusing on the users, we deliver the best results for our clients.

Curiosity is our nature
We are eager to continuously learn new things by testing and applying new tools, techniques, and solutions.
Making mistakes, sharing the result, and collecting feedback is part of the deal; this is how we learn, improve and innovate.

Wayfinding is our craft
We do wayfinding. Full stop. We know what we do well and we stick to it.
This clear focus for 35 years is how we have become the best wayfinding design agency in the world, serving a billion people worldwide every year.

We all have the wayfinding itch and have contributed to the advancement of this discipline into the full-fledged specialization it is now.

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