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A people first creative agency, where makers and thinkers shape brands with craft and empathy.


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We are Likefriends and like friends, we care.

Likefriends isn’t just our name. It’s our mentality. Like friends we care. It’s honesty, openness, it’s standing up for your beliefs and ideas, knowing there is little progress without challenges. It’s embracing different perspectives as opportunities, to broaden our understanding of the world around us.

Attention should be treated with respect
and can only be earned with empathy.

That’s why, in everything we do, we strive to produce work that engages people and forges long lasting relationships. It forces us to rethink how brands and people interact, and advocate for communication that adds value to people and the culture they inhabit.

As per 2022 Likefriends is a part leading Earned Media Agency HPB

HPB is obsessed with FAME. No, not the shallow “oh look at me” kind. Facts, Attention, Meaning and Earned are the four factors that allow companies to cut through the noise of current day communication, and find a deeper, better connection with people. Together we make them add up perfectly, and help you become relevant in people’s lives, in a sincere and considerate manner. This is what we call the FAME Equation: F+A+M+E = grow famous for all the best reasons.

Jacqueline Bosselaar, CEO and founder of HPB about teaming up with Likefriends
"With this collaboration we are responding to the increasing demands of clients in the creative digital field. With the help of the motion studio for social media, we can bring PR strategies and concepts to life even better than before. This includes editorial and creative social media posts such as Instagram Stories and Reels, moving tutorials, motion branding, brand introductions, campaigns and all forms of branded content such as podcasts. All of the aforementioned are integral parts of modern public relations. We use them to increase the impact and reach of earned marketing which is important for our clients operating in a time in which we shift to web3."

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Veemarkt 36D, 1019DD, Amsterdam

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