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Blendle is a Dutch online news platform that aggregates articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines and bundles them in one app


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With a small group of people, we're building Blendle. And that's nice, because each and every small change is noticed by hundreds of thousands of users instantly (and counting).

Our ultimate goal? To provide a seamless and fantastic user experience for journalism. We believe a combination of stories that change your perspective on what's going on and butter-smooth apps will help people to look at the world differently.

We have a second goal: build an organisation that helps people grow in their skills. You can read more on how we do this in our public handbook. This is why we spend a ton of time on coaching and feedback within Blendle. We'll help you set audacious goals and grow new skills.

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Catharijnesingel 52, 3511 GC, Utrecht

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